Catholic Volunteering Opportunities

Looking for new Catholic volunteering opportunities? Join Westminster Youth Ministry's team of volunteers in London and Hertfordshire.

Catholic volunteering opportunities in the diocese

Looking for new Catholic volunteering opportunities in London or Hertfordshire? Become a volunteer in the Diocese of Westminster and help grow the Church, make new friends and develop life-long skills.

From helping grow the youth activity in your parish to spending a gap year as a volunteer missionary in our retreat centre supporting schools and parishes, there are tonnes that we’d love for you to be involved with. We reach 100s of parishes and 1,000s of young people from across London and Hertfordshire and your help makes the difference.

As a service, we are dedicated to providing you with the support, resources and companionship you need to achieve any of these roles. If there is anything we can do to help you manage this, why not send us an email at

Explore the Catholic volunteering opportunities below:

Parish Youth Leader SPEC Volunteer Missionary Lourdes Redcap
Musicians Public Speakers Event Volunteer
Online Content Creator Prayer Warrior Caritas Westminster

Why volunteer with the diocese?

One of the common regrets in life that people experience is the feeling that they never lived up to what they thought, or indeed knew, they were capable of. The fact that each of us living today exists is truly a miracle of probability. Our lives are a gift, and one we should cherish by making the most of our limited time.

Since we believe, as Catholics, that God visited us as Jesus to teach humanity his ways, it gives each of us the responsibility to lead productive lives, transforming not only ourselves but others too.

Here in the Diocese of Westminster, we’re working on ways in which we can help you grow in faith and leave a lasting impression on the people you encounter. So whether you want to help out at events, write blogs, become a missionary or whatever else it might be, we want to be there for you, doing our bit to guide you in your journey.

You may also want to volunteer for other reasons too, such as to learn new skills or improve your CV. We’ve put together a list of reasons why you might like to volunteer with us:

  • Grow in your spiritual development and holiness, becoming closer to the Church and inspired by Jesus’ mission for humanity
  • Meet new people and make new Catholic friends
  • Increase your responsibilities and become an important figure in the lives of others
  • Learn new skills which could help improve your CV
  • Prepare you for your future vocation, whether it be marriage and raising a family, religious life or the priesthood, by allowing you to share the fruits of your growth with others

For more information on the Diocese of Westminster Youth Ministry, click here. You can also get in contact with us by emailing at