Volunteers helping to prepare Paradise in the City Festival

Volunteers from around the world are busy preparing our Days in the Diocese week in Poland.

Paradise in the City volunteers (Photo: Chemin Neuf)
Paradise in the City volunteers (Photo: Chemin Neuf)

POPE2016.COM: Volunteers from around the world are helping with preparations for Łódź’s Paradise in the City festival, which will be held during World Youth Day. The festival is being organised by the Chemin Neuf Community.

The volunteers come from many countries, including France, Poland, Lebanon, Brazil and Mauritius. “They have taken a break from college or work and have moved to Łódź,” Natalia Wrzesien of Chemin Neuf explained on 13 June. “They are young and full of energy and passion.”

Around 10,000 pilgrims are expected to visit Łódź. So far, around 5,000 from 42 countries have signed up for the festival, but organisers expect the total to reach 7,000.

The main site of the festival meetings will be the Town of Mercy, located at the Expo, MOSiR and Expo-Bis arenas, the Łódź Cathedral and the adjacent areas. The necessary infrastructure – seats, tables, and decorations – is currently being installed. The scenarios for the individual events are being developed.

The Chemin Neuf Community was established in France in 1973. It is a Catholic community with an ecumenical vocation, working for the unity of Christians. It has been present in Poland since 1996.