Polish fruit, vegetables and sausage in WYD 2016 pilgrim packages

We get a taster of what will be available for us to eat in Poland.

A selection of Polish meats (Photo: Polish Press Agency)
A selection of Polish meats (Photo: Polish Press Agency)

POPE2016.COM: Polish sausage, tomatoes, jam, bread, fruit and mineral water or juice will be served in breakfast packages for WYD 2016 pilgrims. Polish pierogi (dumplings) or grilled sausage with vegetable salad will be served for dinner.

Also planned are heat-up meals like pizza, kebab and rice or chicken salads.

During World Youth Day in late July, there will be eight food serving zones in Krakow and 12 in the locality of Brzegi (Campus Misericordiae). Each of the serving zones can offer around 100,000 meals in two hours.

“World Youth Day is not only a great religious and spiritual event but also a large logistics operation connected with providing food for pilgrims,” PAP was told by Rev. Bogdan Kordula, the director of the Caritas charity of the Krakow Archdiocese.

Some 5 million mineral water bottles have been prepared for pilgrims free of charge in Campus Misericordiae.

It is estimated that some two million pilgrims from 185 countries will come to Poland to take part in WYD. Some 570,000 young people have already registered for the event.