The Summit

Be still and know that I am God’ Ps 46:10

We believe that an encounter with Christ is life changing and that the Church’s traditions and loving community are the best tools for helping us find this!

It is out of this desire to give young people an encounter with the divine, and involve them deeper in a community that loves and respects them, that The Summit was born.

What is The Summit?

The Summit is Westminster Youth Ministry’s main in-house diocesan event for young Catholics from 14-18 years old.

It’s a chance for young people in the diocese to socialise, share a meal together, learn more about their faith and be introduced to a deeper level of prayer and adoration.

The Summit runs from 7-9pm and is a great chance to meet other young Catholics and enjoy an exciting programme of guest speakers, live music, prayer and of course some lovely food!

Best yet, the event is free and does not require you to have a ticket. So please come along and encourage your friends, families, classes, youth groups, confirmation groups and whoever else to join us for what is a great evening of fun and faith.

The Summit

When and where is The Summit?

The Summit is based once a term at St Aloysius where it aims to bring people from across the diocese together for an evenings celebration.

With the growing success of our central Summit, this year we have decided to begin running the Summit on a deanery level. This exciting next step aims to bring the celebration to you in either your own parish or a parish nearby! The long term goal of this will be to host The Summit in most deaneries at least annually and in close-by deaneries once a term.

To see when the next evenings will be happening check out our Events Page.

Typical timetable for The Summit

The following is what guests can typically expect to happen at one of our events.

7:00: Welcome

7:10: Food is served

7:40: Icebreaker activity/game

8:00: Move up to the church

8:05: Band leader briefly introduces praise and worship

8:06: Jubilant songs

8:20: Witness or Proclaim on theme of the day

8:30: Introduction into Adoration and exposition with music

8:40: Quiet Music with reflection questions

8:50: Final Celebration song with the Sacrament followed by reposing of the Eucharist

9:00: Departure

The Summit

What can I do between celebrations?

Between celebrations we aim to support the fantastic work being done in parishes like your own. Here you can see the amazing variety of groups that run on a regular basis in our diocese. If you want to start a group in your parish, we can help! Contact us at and we will try our best to guide you through the process of starting your own group and supporting you afterwards. Additionally, don’t forget to regularly receive the sacraments and get involved with your wider parish community, it is investment here you will find the most growth!

What next?

After having a great time at the Summit you may find you want to go deeper, find out more and maybe even get involved in ministry yourself! There are many ways you can do this and going to our Whats on page is again a great place to start to find a group to help you. On our side of things there are 4 major ways we can help you go deeper with your faith:


The Summit

If you like the Summit, you will love ECHO. ECHO takes the teachings of the Church and makes them practical, showing how they and the relationship you now have with Christ can mold your life into its greatest potential. ECHO has two streams, one for those 16-18 and one of those 18+. Its the perfect next step once you get to the latter end of your time coming to the Summit. For more information on this life changing opportunity, check our events page.


Designed as a follow on from ECHO, Resonate is like the Summit but aimed towards a young adult audience growing an already established faith. Again for those who are 16+, Resonate explores the themes introduced during ECHO and continues to build on the community founded. If you’re looking for that next step in faith development and a community to support you through it check our events page for more.

SPEC Mission Year:

Looking for new Catholic volunteering opportunities? Join Westminster Youth Ministry's team of volunteers in London and Hertfordshire.

Have you been inspired by the Summit to share the joy of your faith with others? If so, fantastic! Why not consider doing a mission year at our diocesan youth retreat centre: SPEC.

You’ll receive first class training at the start and throughout your year in all the skills necessary to excel in both youth ministry and youth work.

By the time you have left, we hope that the confidence and lessons you have learnt will make you perfectly placed to transform any future role you go into.

The vibrant community prayer life, supportive discipleship programme and top class formation can transform the way you see your life and really help you get the most from it.

Years at SPEC also count towards the years of experience you need working with young people for certain education programmes or jobs, like the Schools Direct teacher training scheme.

Food, accommodation and even a small allowance are provided, and the support and friendship of your fellow young adult missionaries will remain with you for life.

Applicants must be 18-25 year old so this could be a fantastic opportunity for before or after any further studies you may do. For more information on doing a mission year click here.

Come for a chat about what you could do

The Summit

Our centre, based under St Aloysius Parish Church in Euston, is open Monday to Friday 9-5:30 everyday. We’re always happy to chat and support your individual journey. From music ministry to Catholic groups, we have a large array of contacts and resources we’d be happy to support you with. Please always feel welcome to pop round for a coffee and chat if you’re ever in the area!