School Years 9-13

Years 9-13 Retreat

This retreat, called Dry Bones, after the book of Ezekiel chapter 37, aims to ignite a passion for life in Christ. By diving into the stories of the Old Testament, we discover how God enlivens us with the Holy Spirit and calls us into action. Through the proclaims, testimonies, and workshops offered on this retreat, as well as exploration of our beautiful 7 acre grounds, God reminds us we are chosen for holiness “before the foundation of the world” (Ephesians 1:4). The message of the Gospel is for every person in every stage of their life. During this retreat we strive to create an environment for a personal encounter with a God who longs to make us fully alive in Him. Blessed John Henry Newman’s reflection Some Definite Service serves as a backdrop for this experience, which echoes the message of Isaiah 43:1, where we are reminded we are called by name and belong to God. The time spent in small groups helps to break open what’s being heard and experienced in order for the young people to share and ask questions. The entire retreat is facilitated by our staff and our young adult missionaries, who serve with us for the year on a voluntary basis. We are excited to welcome your school and embark on this adventure with you!

OPTION: Residential retreat or day retreat for up to 32 pupils.