School years 7-8


Years 7-8 Day Retreat

When St John Paul ll wrote his encyclical ‘Fides Et Ratio’, he began by drawing us to recognise that, in the face of widespread confusion and doubt in our day to day lives, there are three inevitable and fundamental questions that arise: “Who am I? Where have I come from? Where am I going?” These questions are in each of our hearts.

With the distractions, stress, confusion and pressure in our day to day lives we may find ourselves stopping and thinking “what is this all about?” In this retreat we will use the story of the Exodus as a springboard to answer these questions, to unpack what it means for us to journey in this life with all its ups and downs. We may often feel like the Israelites, trapped and enslaved in our own fears and doubts, up against impassable walls that tower over us, preventing us from moving forward. There is hope!

The story of Exodus is a hint, a taste, of Gods bigger plan for us. He desires that we obtain freedom from slavery, fears, insecurities, and doubt. What is more, God doesn’t merely just free us, but calls us to live in that freedom, in relationship with Him, in which He calls us His sons and daughters. During this day we will explore how to be rooted in this truth. We will lean how to be equipped for our journey, to allow God to speak to us, to teach us how to follow him, how to listen to him, and to hear who we truly are.

OPTION: Day retreat for up to 32 pupils