School Years 5-6

Years 5-6 Retreat

“God has created me to do Him some definite service.” – John Henry Newman

Throughout the Bible, God reminds us again and again that we have been chosen for a purpose, for a reason. God knows us, and calls us by name. Whether He is sending us out into the world; showing us His loving nature through the parable of the good shepherd who would lay down his life for His sheep; or coming to meet us in the form of the Blessed Sacrament, He constantly reminds us that He is with us. Inspired by this love and constancy, we will explore what our purpose is, and learn to recognise His presence with and within us and those around us. On this retreat, we explore the theme through a variety of activities, games and talks in our beautiful surroundings of 7 acres of grass and woodland at our unique retreat centre.

This retreat will allow the children to spend time working alone, in small groups, in larger groups, and having to work together as a whole class, all whilst being called to become more aware of their own personal talents and abilities, and those of each other.

OPTION: Residential retreat for up to 32 pupils.