Your Feedback

We ask for feedback from group leaders after every retreat. It’s good to get some affirmation but it is also useful to get ideas to help us improve the retreats we offer. Here is a selection of what you have been saying about our retreats over the past few months:



“Lovely reflection time during meditation….a very enjoyable experience.”
Year 5 & 6 Retreat, Dec. 2013

“The children had a wonderful day, they really enjoyed it and learnt alot. The staff were lovely, very helpful and cheerful. Many thanks.”
Year 6 Retreat, Dec. 2013

“The team were all friendly and great with the children. They were full of youthful enthusiasm. The children loved their retreat day.”
Year 4 Retreat, Nov. 2013

“A fantastic theme which the children really enjoyed…Mass was beautiful, the children commented on how special it had been…Another fantastic retreat – thank you so much.”
Year 5 Retreat, Oct. 2013

“The SPEC team have delivered a strong retreat programme which has exceeded my expectations.”
Year 11 Retreat, Oct. 2013

“SPEC has an amazing team who have worked so hard to inspire all the children and adults included…This has been invaluable and for most, a life-changing experience.”
Year 6 Retreat, Oct. 2013

“Good, engaging sessions with lots of interaction…An excellent day.”
Year 11 Retreat Oct. 2013

“The children were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed all of the sessions. A very enjoyable day had by all!”
Year 4 Retreat, Oct. 2013

“A good balance of spirituality and fun. Engaging. The students have said that they feel more religious and closer to God.”
Year 10 Retreat, Oct. 2013

“The Year 7’s have departed with a deeper understanding of who Jesus is for them, in their journey of faith.”
Year 7 Retreat, Sep. 2013

“The pupils were captivated. The response and comments made by the children showed real reflection.”
Year 5 Retreat, June 2013

“The leaders have all been wonderful, the children have loved them and they will remember this for their lifetime. Thank you.”
Year 5 Retreat June 2013

“Can I say what a fantastic retreat we had on Friday. I think it was our best ever trip to SPEC. The girl’s had a fantastic and enriching time. Can you please pass on my thanks to all the team for the wonderful work they did.”
Year 9 Retreat, June 2013

“We’ve had lots of positive and encouraging feedback from the students; reflecting how much they enjoyed the various events. The retreats were clearly a resounding success. May God bless you all in the important work you do – giving witness to the Gospel and nurturing the faith of young people in the Diocese of Westminster.”
Year 9 Retreat, June 2013

“Beautifully led, rooted in prayer and fun. The team at SPEC do an amazing job.”
Confirmation Retreat, May 2013

“Awesome, don’t want to go home, can we come back?”
Year 5 Retreat, May 2013

“The children said that they really enjoyed all the experiences.”
Year 5 Retreat, May 2013

“Fantastic to have a link to the Year of faith. Sessions were great fun with excellent religious content.”
Year 5 Retreat, May 2013

“Lovely to hear childrens’ thoughtful and prayerful responses. The children were overheard praying and singing hymns independently this morning.”
Year 5 Retreat, May 2013

“Children have felt happy, safe and closer to God. Well done!”
Year 5 Retreat, May 2013

“Full of stimulating and very planned activities that engaged the children and got them to reflect on their faith and those around them.”
Year 5 Retreat, May 2013

“Good opportunities were provided for children to listen to parables/bible readings and adoration. The children enjoyed and participated well during prayer times.”
Year 5 Retreat, May 2013

“The children seem to have really benefited from having the chance to reflect and pray.”
Year 5 Retreat, May 2013

“The volunteers and leaders have been excellent. They have shared openly and honestly, which has really allowed the boys to truly engage….. Adoration and Mass were special and indescribable.”
Year 10 Retreat, Apr. 2013

“They have bonded with each other well; and I feel that this will strengthen them not only in school but in the parish too.”
Confirmation Retreat, Feb. 2013

“I think the retreat was very beneficial to the group. They leave with a deeper sense of how to develop their faith.”
Confirmation Retreat, Jan. 2013

“A truly valuable weekend. A great experience and help in their faith journey.”
Confirmation Retreat, Jan. 2013

“The retreat was well planned and delivered.”
Confirmation Retreat, Mar. 2013

“Some of them have said how encouraged they were to see other young people in the team giving of themselves to others.”
Confirmation Retreat, Mar. 2013

“The retreat was inspirational and meaningful, with beautiful messages given at their level.”
Year 3 & 4 Retreat, Mar. 2013

“It complemented our teaching at school, reinforcing all the messages.”
Year 4 Retreat, Jan. 2013

“The children had a wonderful time there. They didn’t want to return home.”
Year 5 Retreat, Feb. 2013

“The retreat went beyond my expectations, and I found it very useful in seeing how the leaders delivered meditation and the use of drama for the parables. The children genuinely felt it was the best school trip they had been on and lots of the children said they felt closer to God and now had a much better understanding of prayer.”
Year 6 Retreat, Jan. 2013

“The testimonies brought reality to discipleship and the personal relationship that we have with God.”
Year 9 Retreat, Feb. 2013

“Very good, nice homemade food, and lots of it.”
Confirmation Retreat, Mar. 2013

“One child said ‘It’s as good as Legoland’.”
Year 4 Retreat, Apr. 2013