Focus: Sacramental

This retreat theme explores the truth and beauty of the sacraments, looking deeply into the mystery and reality of the Lord’s presence in each sacrament as well as the graces and effects of living a ‘sacramental life’.

Our hope is that this retreat will allow the candidates to develop a deeper love for all the sacraments of the Church.

General Concept

We all love the excitement and anticipation that surrounds a grand ‘unveiling’. People wait for the latest seasonal fashion releases, or to see the draw for the FA Cup. We log on to catch a glimpse at the latest technology Apple is ‘unveiling’ and we are overjoyed when the bride walks down the Church aisle, for all to see. There is excitement in the mystery and in the moment when we first see what was previously not fully known to us.

In a similar way, we have many ‘hidden treasures’ in the Church. The Sacraments are a unique treasure; they are a treasure of greatest price. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us that “the Sacraments are the visible sign of the hidden reality of our salvation” (CCC 774). These visible outward signs point to a mystery, the mystery of Jesus Christ and of His saving work. It is a mystery God desires to “unveil” to us!

This retreat will explore the gift and reality of the Sacraments. The retreat experience will also help young people to pray and open themselves to the Holy Spirit, for we know ‘it is the Spirit of Truth who “unveils” Christ to us’ (CCC 687).

Possible links to parish confirmation programme:

  • The candidates will explore the significance of the sacraments and particularly the sacrament of Confirmation, considering the great gift of being anointed and sealed with the Spirit.
  • The candidates will consider how the grace of the sacraments can transform and empower them to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • The candidates will have the guidance to become more conscious of what is actually happening in the ‘hidden’ mystery of the sacrament.

OPTION: Day retreat for up to 32 pupils