We Are Family

Focus: Trinity

This retreat focuses on exploring the relational nature of God. We will focus on the life of the Trinity and how this also helps lead us into participation in our own communities. This retreat will focus on the Candidates own commitment to their parish community and awareness that they are part of One Apostolic Catholic Church.

General Retreat Concept

“God is not solitude but perfect communion” Pope Benedict XVI

“Wherever there is love, there is a trinity: a lover, a beloved and a fountain of love.” St. Augustine

God is “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”: three persons, one God. This mystery reveals to us the nature of God Himself, who is a ‘communion of persons’ and is perfectly relational. This nature of God reveals more deeply to us who we truly are, created in His image. It shows us how He chooses, through our communion and relationship with others, to reveal Himself to those others.

This retreat will explore the mystery and beauty of Trinitarian love, as revealed to us by Jesus. We will journey into what it means to truly be ‘family’ in God and with each other and explore the beauty of being family within the Universal Catholic Church.

As the candidates prepare for the final sacrament of initiation into the Catholic Church, this is an important time to reflect on the larger family of God and renew a sense of belonging within the Church.

Possible links to parish confirmation programme:

  • The candidates will reflect on the personal nature of God’s individual love, and God’s desire for relationship with each of us.
  • The candidates will consider the life of the Trinity and specifically, through Jesus Christ who was perfectly obedient to the Father’s will and now sends the help of the Holy Spirit to continue the mission of the Church.
  • They will explore the reality that through our baptism we are born into the family of God and also consider what responsibilities we have to love and serve each other.

OPTION: Day retreat for up to 32 pupils