Grounds and Gardens

SPEC is set in approximately 7 acres of undulating grounds that range from manicured lawns and diverse flower-beds to more ‘wilderness’ areas with wild plants and abundant wildlife. Considering we’re only in Zone 5 of Greater London, the grounds are an impressive amount of space for exploring, playing, and finding secluded corners to simply be with God.

There is ample space for the more active groups to run and kick a ball around as well as quiet paths, glades and seating areas for those after a more subdued break. Benches are located around the grounds where people can read a book or enjoy a chat.

Our garden also has a beautiful array of flowering plants, tress, and even fruits. Throughout the year retreatants and missionaries can see leaves change, roses blooming, blackberries sprouting, snowdrops, daffodils, bluebells, tulips and forget-me-nots.