SPEC Retreat Centre is located on a beautiful plot of land in the village of Pinner. The area was historically called Waxwell Farm, and consists of 7 acres of garden; the SPEC community house (Waxwell House); and the Residential Complex, which was recently opened in October 2017.

Residential Complex

Our new residential complex was completed in Autumn 2017, and was officially opened by Cardinal Vincent Nichols on the 3rd of October 2017. The complex was built in our gardens, where it is beautifully cut off from surrounding roads, ensuring a quiet haven for all those who visit. Although it is a modern building, its green wooden paneling compliments the gardens that surround it. The building consists of two floors: the lower floor is dedicated to meeting and retreat spaces, including our dining hall, while the upper floor is the accommodation area. The building is also divided into 2 wings, the left and right wings. Each wing houses one large meeting room, and 3 smaller meeting rooms, and is equipped for hosting a retreat of 32 people at a time. This building is where SPEC hosts its retreats. You can read more about the Residential Complex.

SPEC’s Community House – Waxwell House

The SPEC community live in Waxwell House, historically part of Waxwell Farm. The house consists of 3 wings: the Tudor wing, the Victorian wing, and the Modern wing. The Tudor wing was constructed at the end of the 16th Century. An extension was added in the 1800s and is aptly called the Victorian wing. In 1947, Waxwell Farm was purchased as a gift for the Grail Society. The chapel and accommodation – the Modern wing – were added in 1957. Waxwell Farm was purchased by the Diocese of Westminster in 2010 and became SPEC’s new home in March 2014. You can read more about Waxwell House here.


The Rotunda is a lovely round building adjacent to Waxwell House. It was originally built in 1963 and was recently renovated in 2017. The Rotunda is a spacious round hall, with an abundance of natural light. It is used both as retreat space and it can also be converted into a venue for activities and entertainment.