Bookings for the 2018-2019 academic year are now open – please contact Sara Rhodes on 020 3757 2500 or email to make a booking enquiry.

These pages provide more information about bringing a group to SPEC. As well as providing guidelines on how to book your retreat day, we have also set out some of our policies and procedures so that you can be sure we take seriously our duty of care for all our visitors.

From January 2018 we have been offering residential retreats in our new accommodation block. Until then, we can only offer day retreats led by our experienced retreat leaders and volunteer missionaries. Occasionally our buildings may be available for groups to run their own youth and faith-based programmes.

We want this section to be as useful as possible to organisers of visits to SPEC. If there is additional information that you would like to see in this section, or if you think we can make these pages easier for you to use, then please give us your feedback. You can either e-mail or contact Sara Rhodes directly on 020 3757 2500.