Who’s who at SPEC

The SPEC community at their Induction Mass (Photo: WYM)
The SPEC community at their Induction Mass (Photo: WYM)

Who’s who at SPEC Sept 2017 – July 2018

The majority of staff and volunteer missionaries here at SPEC actually live at the project and form the SPEC Community. Other members of SPEC – administrative, catering, housekeeping and maintenance staff – live off-site but are just as much part of the the team here that makes SPEC tick.

Leadership Team

Phil Ross – Director
Terry Toolan – Assistant Director
Sara Rhodes – Director of Operations
JJ Hussem – Programme Leader & Formation Coordinator

Retreat Leaders

Ann Daly
Riley McCullough
Milán Póka

Volunteer missionaries

Alycia Frech
Ákos Palágyi
Borbála Sever
Catherine Riddle
Daniel Mehr
Emma Lanzon
Joanne Rolling
Léa Ghanem
Mia Eckstine
Mireilis Damsma
Reeve D’Souza
Sergi Reina Miret
Veronika Bulákov

Support Staff

Aaron Rhodes – Administration Assistant
Christina Fritz – Housekeeper
Kevin Munday – Caretaker
Michael Mclnerney – Catering
Simon Rodgers – Groundskeeper