Who’s who at SPEC

The SPEC community at their Induction Mass (Photo: WYM)
The SPEC community at their Induction Mass (Photo: WYM)

Who’s who at SPEC Sept 2016 – July 2017

The majority of staff and volunteer missionaries here at SPEC actually live at the project and form the SPEC Community. Other members of SPEC – administrative, catering, housekeeping and maintenance staff – live off-site but are just as much part of the the team here that makes SPEC tick.

Leadership Team

Phil Ross – Director
Terry Toolan – Assistant Director
Sara Rhodes – Operations Manager
JJ Hussem – Formation Co-ordinator

Retreat Staff

Ann Daly

Volunteer missionaries

Alex Pooler
Anna Bradnum
Eyo Esua
Ellie Eckstine
Milán Póka
Mia Eckstine

Support Staff

Billy Demou – Catering and maintenance
Simon Rodgers – Grounds and maintenance
Aaron Rhodes – Admin Assistant