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This section is primarily for parish youth workers and those involved in organising groups of young people. You may be a youth worker or leader, or perhaps just a regular young person who wants to start something in their school or parish. Whatever your situation, this Catholic youth work Resources archive is full of ideas for activities, games, praying etc. Use our filter tool below if you’re looking for something in particular. Please bear in mind that many of our resources can be used outside of the designated age range or theme, these are simply here to give you a rough guide!

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Back to Base

A base is decided and young people must run away and hid. They must then try and get back to base a quick as possible without getting caught. This game is great for outdoor fun.


Choose your base

A large group game that is great for lower secondary school young people and primary school. This game is great requires very little set up but does require a bit of space.



A large group game that works well for focusing a group in an active way. Jockeys works with any age and any number, as long as you have space!


Clapping Rock/Paper/Scissors

Rock/Paper/Scissors on a large scale with a twist. Every time someone loses a game, they must then become the winners cheering supporter.


The Sun Shines On

This game is a simple task of trying to find a chair to sit on, made hard by everyone else also look for a chair.



A roleplay game where the group must catch and execute the mafia before the mafia takes over.


British Bull Dog

An old classic, people must run from one side of an area to another without being caught by the people who are on.


Four Square Dodgeball

A twist on the normal game of dodge ball, this is a handy game for large groups to keep everyone involved.


Heads and Tails

A great game for focusing large groups, can be played with as few as 20 or as many as a 1000 – the more the merrier!