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Quick overview:

Splitting the group into two teams, they must throw balls at one another and the winning team is the one who hits all the opposing members first.

Game type:


Time Scale:

10-15 minutes



Supplies you’ll need:

Cones, Sponge balls, optional face paint or coloured bibs to divide teams.


With the cones, split the room in half.

Game run-through:

Begin by splitting your group into two teams. Allocate each team one side of the room; if you have something to symbolise each team, have them wear it.

Use a minimum of four sponge balls and add additional balls for difficulty.

Teams must throw sponge balls at one another. Depending on the demographics of the group, you may want to restrict what counts as a hit on someone: you may want headshots to count or not; you may want it only to count if you hit below the waist or knee. Different ages and sexes will prefer different rules so it’s hard to specify here.

When a member of a team is hit by a ball on an area of their body which counts, they are in ‘jail’ and must stand or sit to the side. To re-enter the game, a member of their team must catch a ball thrown by the opposition before it bounces.

Members of the team are not allowed to leave their area.


You may want to add the rule that if someone catches a ball thrown by someone, the person who threw the ball has to go to jail as well.