Cup stack

Cup Stack

Quick overview:

Teams must work together to create a pyramid made of paper cups. The challenge comes when they are unable to touch the cups with anything but a makeshift contraption.

Game type:


Time Scale:

5-10 Mins



Supplies you’ll need:

Scissors. For each group you’ll need 10 paper cups that are the same size, 1 rubber band that’s large enough to fit around a cup, 6 pieces of string.


For each group, cut 6 lengths of string about 60cm in length. Tie the ends of these pieces of string to a rubber band so you end up with a rubber band with 6 evenly spaced pieces of string attached. It will hopefully look like a sun with rays going out in all directions.

Game run-through:

Have the group split into teams of 6 (or as close as possible). Give each group a rubber band implement you’ve just prepared and ten paper cups.

Have them spread the ten paper cups out, upside down on the table or floor. Challenge the group to now make a pyramid out of the cups. They can’t touch the cups with anything but the rubber band implement.

The Pyramid must have 4 cups at the bottom, 3 on the next level, 2 on the next level and 1 on top.

Each person in the group gets to hold one of the strings attached to the rubber band. By individuals pulling and releasing their string they can change the shape of the rubber band, allowing them to use it to pick up and move the paper cups.

If there are fewer than six people in a group, allow someone in the group to have two strings. This will, however, make the task easier for the group.