Carpet Tiles


Quick overview:

This is a team game involving carpet tiles and a little bit of competition.

Supplies you’ll need:

  1. Carpet tiles – an even number
  2. Gaffer tape to mark start and finish lines
  3. Prize for winning team


Lay down your start and finish lines with a reasonable distance between them.

Game play:

Group split into two teams, and explain rules:

  • They have to work as a team get everyone across to the other side.
  • No players can touch the floor between the two lines. To aid them in this they have a number of carpet tiles.
  • They have to stay on the carpet tiles (no toes allowed off!)
  • They must at all times be holding on to their carpet tiles – if they leave one unattended it is removed by a leader and they have to make it across with fewer carpet tiles.
  • They may at any time re-start by all members going back to the beginning and regaining all carpet tiles.