Welcome to our Catholic youth work Resources archive!

This section is primarily for parish youth workers and those involved in organising groups of young people. You may be a youth worker or leader, or perhaps just a regular young person who wants to start something in their school or parish. Whatever your situation, this Catholic youth work Resources archive is full of ideas for activities, games, praying etc. Use our filter tool below if you’re looking for something in particular.

Agree or Disagree

Young people are given a statement and must decide whether they agree or disagree before defending their decision.


A skit on how God can help us deal with the baggage we collect through life.

Balloon Antlers

A fun game where two teams place tights on a member of their teams’ head and the winner is the team who fills these tights the best.

Bim, Bam, Bom!

Quick, funny and repeatable. A fast pace game where you need to say your word as fast as you can.

Blindfold game

How do you find your way when you have lots of voices telling you different things?!

British Bull Dog

An old classic, people must run from one side of an area to another without being caught by the people who are on.

Capture the Flag

A large group team game where opposing teams must capture the opponent’s flag.

Carpet Tiles

This is a team game involving carpet tiles and a little bit of competition.

Co-op Colouring

A useful activity for teaching young people the importance of working as a team and the need for others/ community.

Cup stack

Teams must work together to create a pyramid made of paper cups.

Disclosure Form

Concerns and allegations about a child who is, or may be, at risk need to be documented.


Splitting the group into two teams, they must throw balls at one another and the winning team is the one who hits all the opposing members first.