Catholic groups in London and Hertfordshire

We’ve put together lots of the Catholic groups and organisations that you can get involved with in the Diocese of Westminster – from volunteer work to joining a community. You can use our filter tool below if you’re looking for something in particular.


If you’re looking to join a group that meets up regularly, like once a week, then check out What’s On. This includes Parish Youth Groups.



Celebrate is a Holiday Conference for Christians of all ages. It runs during Easter week and is organised by a team from Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Our vision is to offer you a spring event which combines good Christian teaching and celebration, with an opportunity to relax and enjoy a short break after the winter – in other words, refreshment for body, mind and spirit for all the family during the Easter Holidays.



If we are to fulfil Christ’s command to preach the Gospel to everyone, we must first attain a comprehensive and authentic knowledge of the Catholic faith. To attain deeper knowledge, however, requires good teaching. Such teaching needs to communicate authentic Catholic truth in effective and inspiring ways. New technologies have greatly facilitated communications, especially of beautiful images that illuminate the eternal truths of the Gospel.