Joel’s Bar 17


  • DateSunday 2 April - Friday 7 April
  • LocationWorth Abbey, Paddockhurst Road, Crawley, ESX, United Kingdom
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About the event

Joel’s Bar is a Catholic Charismatic youth conference that will be running in the lead up to Easter 2017.

Joel’s Bar is the youth conference of Celebrate – Catholic Charismatic events that happen throughout the year. Joel’s Bar is back once again at Worth Abbey, in the extraordinarily beautiful setting of the Sussex countryside.

Our passion at JB is for relationship, fellowship and faith coming to life. Through our timetable of speakers, worship, prayer with the monks and times of ministry, we set the space for this. We’re also excited to have evenings of entertainment, a daytime café and evening bar throughout the week and loads more opportunities to meet new people. The age range of Joel’s Bar is from Year 12 – 25 years old so if you fall into that bracket, book up quickly!

Whether you’ve been to JB before or not, part of a Cathsoc or CU, coming with friends, family or coming alone, we can’t wait to see you!

For more info, visit the website.