Intergenerational European Pilgrimage


About the event


  • Calais – EU Borders and Refugees
  • Brussels – Trade and Economics
  • Strasbourg – EU and Human Rights
  • Taize – Reconciliation
  • Assisi – Care for creation
  • Rome – Inspiration of Pope Francis
  • Geneva – the UN and Human Rights


Visit some of the key places which symbolise themes of justice and peace in Europe, link up with others who share our concerns and work towards similar solutions. Don’t forget that the European Union was originally a peace project and not an economic one. Brexit makes our joint collaboration more challenging, but this is not a reason for abandoning contact. We hope ours will be only one of many groups trying to strengthen or renew links with our fellow European Christians. We will link up with Caritas in Belgium and France, with Pax Christi in Italy, Taizé ecumenical community, and more.

Travel is by Coach.

Price is £695, but if you are under 30 and finance is a barrier, contact us and we may be able to help.

Please be aware that commitment includes two preparation days: 24 February and 17 March 2018.

Contact for application forms, or phone 0208 888 4222, Or find form on website.