ECHO: Theology of the Body Retreat


  • DateFriday 20 October - Friday 27 October
  • LocationSPEC Retreat Centre, 125 Waxwell Lane, Pinner, HA5 3EP
  • Organiser
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  • Price16-18: £80 | 18+: £100 | Weekend: £100 (If you are 18+, the £100 is for the weekend, with Monday to Friday covered by supporting one of the service teams)
  • Age range16-30 years

About the event

God calls us to live in the fullness of life. But what does that look like in the 21st century? With so many questions on identity, dignity and faith swirling around us, it can be hard to find truth. Thankfully, St Pope John Paul II has left for us a beautiful series of teachings, commonly known as Theology of the Body, which reveals the truth of who we are and what we were created for.

Registration form Young adults (18+): PDF | Word

Registration form Young people (16-18): PDF | Word

We are inviting you to come and spend a week with us exploring this revolutionary worldview; Young adults first take time diving into community and unpacking this teaching together, and relating it to their lives prior to our sixth formers’ arrival. Then it’s time for us all to receive together, where young adults then begin to give away what they have received by serving on various teams throughout the rest of the retreat. We are inviting you to step into this ‘civilisation of love’; there will be great community, live music, prayer, sports, games, and countless possibilities to encounter something new of God, and His immeasurable love for you.

The week will be lead in partnership with Dumb Ox Ministries. Based in New Orleans, USA, the team at Dumb Ox will be guiding us though this adventure to discover more of who we are created to be. To find out more about them and what they do check out their website at: We also have an FAQ form here.

To find out more and to register, please contact:

What is ECHO?

ECHO is a Theology of the Body retreat. At ECHO, we dive into, unpack, and process the themes of prayer, our identity, and our mission to love. We are all created to be in personal relationship with God, and each of us are created as a unique, unrepeatable man or woman with a vocation to love like God. At ECHO, we dive into questions like: What does it mean to be a man or woman? What does it mean to be a son/daughter, brother/sister, spouse, father/mother? What does it mean to really love like God? How can dating become a life-giving experience? What does it mean to have authentic, pure, life-giving relationships? And so much more!

What do you do at ECHO?

ECHO is known for being awesomely spontaneous! We follow God wherever He leads us, but some things you can expect to do are:

  • Listen to inspiring talks and have really great discussions
  • Have some awesome one-on-one time with Jesus
  • Jam out to live music and maybe share your gifts and talents
  • Engage your competitive spirit in some awesome games and sports
  • Receive God’s amazing gift of mercy in the sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Attend daily Mass and receive Jesus… every day!
  • And… experience the love of God and a community like you’ve never experienced before!