Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko

A modern-day saint, Jerzy was willing to give up his life rather than see people oppressed and his faith persecuted.

Saint Maria Faustina

Faustina shows us that it is through showing mercy to those that wrong us that we gradually change the world for better.

Saint Nectan of Hartland

Saint Nectan serves as an inspiration of how even if you physically lack everything, if you have a relationship with God you have everything.

Saint Joseph of Nazareth

An example to all boyfriends, husbands and fathers on how to live. Learn more about Jesus’ foster father!

The 21 Martyrs of 2015

When we think of martyrs, we think of people from many years ago standing up for their faith against tyrannical regimes confined to the annals of history.

Saint Olga of Kiev: A Converted Warrior

Saint Olga’s story shows the depths and heights of human morality. Every person is capable of both great evil and great love and Olga shows both of these at their most extreme.