About Westminster Youth Ministry

aith in Jesus Christ breathes new life into our being. Like a gentle breeze, greeted by the morning sun, rooting our lives in Him is refreshing and gives us hope for the future. Life is seen with new eyes, illuminated by the light of God’s eternal love for us.

Faith in Jesus Christ breathes new life into our being. Like a gentle breeze, greeted by the morning sun, rooting our lives in Him is refreshing and gives us hope for the future. Life is seen with new eyes, illuminated by the light of God’s eternal love for us.

Everything is possible with God; He is perfect! And He sent His son to us 2,000 years ago to forgive our sins and show us that there is always hope! There is always a better future! Heaven is our destination and God wants us to be with Him in His Eternal Paradise, by being the best possible person we can be, here on Earth.

In a world all too often consumed by darkness, the light of faith in Jesus Christ gives us the confidence to live life in bold colours. God enables us to cast away the mistakes we’ve made in the past, because He is always forgiving; He empowers us to believe the unbelievable, climb the unclimbable, achieve the unachievable.

We are called to greatness! We are called to be saints!

At the Diocese of Westminster Youth Ministry, we’re working to help provide young people with the tools and support they need to be great – to be the saints and role models of the 21st century.

By working with the parishes, as well as other Catholic organisations in the diocese, we hope to revitalise the flame of faith in the hearts of young people!

What we do

There’s a lot of overlap with everything we do; so much is interconnected. However, if we could succinctly explain what we do, it would be this:

Develop parish youth ministry

At the heart of our mission is the determination to support the development of an active and sustainable parish youth ministry programme throughout our diocese. This involves working closely with parish leadership teams to help build active youth and young adult communities in their parishes.

Support our youth leaders

Westminster has talented, passionate youth leaders scattered across the diocese, working in our parishes, helping young people to grow in their relationship with Christ and mature in their faith. We work to support these leaders through personal meetings, mentoring programmes, training schemes and general encouragement.

Nurture young people in their personal development

Nurturing the saints and role models of the 21st century requires a holistic approach. We tackle this with our SPEC retreat centre for young people in both a school and parish setting, the development of a comprehensive formation support structure – including a dedicated section on our website called ‘Discover’, organising and supporting events focusing on youth and their formative years through training programmes and pilgrimages e.g. World Youth Day.

Bring together the various voices in the diocese

The Archdiocese of Westminster is unique given the rich and diverse nature of its growing multi-national constituency. The very size of the diocese, stretching as it does from central London to Hertfordshire, certainly presents young Catholics with many opportunities and challenges when wishing to share their faith with others. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult for young people to appreciate where they can meet like-minded Catholics and benefit for from the vast range of charisms available. We are uniquely placed to provide signposts and support for this ever-growing population of young Catholics.

Inform the world

As the Universal Church, we feel it is right for us to build bridges with everyone around the world. Because of that, our website is regularly updated with news, blogs and other sections, keeping visitors up-to-date with what we’re doing and our future plans.

Centre Contact details

Centre for Youth Ministry, 20 Phoenix Road, London, NW1 1TA

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Email: youth@rcdow.org.uk

Telephone: 0207 529 8633

The Team

The team is based at the Centre for Youth Ministry and has ultimate responsibility for the Westminster Youth Ministry strategy; both in terms of development and delivery.

The team includes:

Fr David Reilly: Diocesan Youth Chaplain

Email: davidreilly@rcdow.org.uk

Fr David is the youth chaplain for the diocese for over 5 years. Originally from Newcastle, Fr David is a keen sportsman and loves going for runs. He is always up for a good chat and before he became a priest used to be a secondary school teacher




Fr David Burke: Assistant Youth Chaplain

Email: davidburke@rcdow.org.uk

Fr David has been the assistant youth chaplain for the diocese since shortly after his ordination in 2015. Before becoming a priest he was the director of youth ministry and originally comes from Coventry. He enjoys watching the football and spending time with his friends.




Phil Ross: Director of Youth Ministry

Email: philross@rcdow.org.uk

Phil is the Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Westminster. He’s been married for 25 years to his lovely wife, Ann, and have two wonderful children: Frances, and Andrew. He’s a passionate supporter of Doncaster Rovers and enjoy walking with the family dogs, Monty and Henry; the walks are often an opportunity to console himself after another Saturday footballing tragedy!



James Kelliher: Communications and Events Coordinator

Email: jameskelliher@rcdow.org.uk Tel:0207 529 8634

James has been the Communications and Events Coordinator for Westminster Youth Ministry since September 2013. He previously worked in the Organising Committee for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro as the English Language Coordinator. James has produced books for the last three World Youth Days, in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Krakow.




Rebekah Curran: Youth Support Team Leader

Email: rebekahcurran@rcdow.org.uk Tel:0207 529 8633

Rebekah leads the team based at the Centre for Youth Ministry and has worked at the CYM since March 2013. She is a lover of adventures, and finding that saying ‘yes’ to the Lord is the biggest of adventures. Also a lover of Geography, buttons, travelling and embarrassing dancing in public.




Callum Moore: Youth Support Team

Email: callummoore@rcdow.org.uk Tel:0207 529 8637

Callum is an ex-professional mixed martial artist now working in the parish support team since August 2015. He has worked across England and Wales in youth ministry and has a strong devotion to Mary and the Eucharist. He enjoys spending his spare time practising martial arts, watching movies, going on hikes and hanging out with friends.




Dominic Cunliffe: Youth Support Team

Email: dominiccunliffe@rcdow.org.uk Tel:0207 529 8635

Dominic has been a member of the parish support team since October 2016. He has been involved with youth ministry in a range of areas including on the road mission with Youth 2000 and confirmation groups. He is also a worship leader and a prolific singer-songwriter.